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20x24x4 Air Filter - AC Furnace Filter

20x24x4 Air Filter - AC Furnace Filter

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Product Description

These pleated air filters are the perfect product for filtering the air in your home. Their low resistance to the air flow and high efficiency help capture particulates in the air, helping to reduce your energy bills and allow your furnace to operate efficiently all year long.

Changing these filters regularly maximizes your energy efficiency and extends the life of your furnace or AC unit. Our filters are made in Canada and are ideal for residential and commercial use. Their specifications include:

  • 100% Synthetic Media
  • High Filtration Efficiency
  • Available in 1", 2", 4", and 5" depths
  • Radial Wedge Pleat Configuration
  • Heavy Duty Moisture Resident Frame
  • Available in MERV 8-10-13 Efficiency
  • Tested at 1-3 Microns sizes
  • UL Certified Filters

This design allows minimum restriction to air flow while providing exceptionally high efficiency. Keeping your coils, diffusers, ductwork cleaner while removing pollen and other allergens from the occupied space.

    Our Pleated Air Filters help Protect Your Home Against:

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